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my guilty pleasure days..

spm~ that 'creature', i have fought it off..ngee~
i am surfing internet and at the same time cooking for my lil bro..
the result is...hehehe..u know..not really good actually...
don't know yet what to do during this holidays..
i have been spending my times watching korea movies and dramas again and over again..
hehehe..thats why i call it, my guilty pleasure days..
be in front of the television for hours and not worrying about any homeworks but slightly worrying about my coming result and my future..
now i know, i am stepping into an adventurous world...

nur kasih & syurga cinta

those 2 stories are damn powerful love stories and awesome..they teach me the real meaning of true love...and they remind me of my first love...naaah..let put him aside..haha!!

'Nur Kasih', the hero is gorgeous and nur is full courteous and a lovely lady, i would not have the strength if i were strong you know, how could she stand with those obstacles?...and the key is she still holding her belief in Allah..

while 'Syuga Cinta', man i can't retain myself from bursting into big laughing..the little kid is so cute and notorious! he is just like my lil bro..though sometime i deadly want to kill him..

would everyone get the chance to get the 'true love'? i mean, the love that based on the right way, that has stated by Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w? to be frank i want to feel it..well, of course, every lady wants it too..but it depends on us right?

Allah has stated, 'the good lady is only for a good guy? am i a good lady? could i be as strong as Siti Khadij…

a part of my life...

should i say this 'spm u dreaded little bastard.'? of course not, it is the platform where you can achieve your dream, what you really want to be in your life.. its like a stepping stone to you destiny, to make your dream comes true..

what if i say, i am not confident enough to sit for examination, i only get 6 As in examination trial, and i have C and damn! Biology is ruining my life.

last few days one of my senior sent me message promoting to go to Japan though he didn't know who i cellphone number is included in his cellphone's memory..he wanted to save 'aaj' the place where those students are studying and learning. the number of students in 'aaj' is decreasing and perhaps it would be closed soon if the number continues to drop.

is it a sign? the sign that my dream would comes true? i don't know, and that's why i am not confident enough. Allah has stated 'He would not change the fate of His followers if they are not change it by thems…

one little of tears...

me n my friends have already watched the dramas..and it really meant 'one little of tears' friend shira bought a box of tissues and after it ended, it almost empty, all of my friends cried so badly, and though my friend 'ekin' was dare to say she would never cried, but for the few last episodes, she cried..(we watched all the episodes in one night)

it's an odyssey, based on the diary written by 'Aya' the patient from japan who suffered a disease 'spinaberellular distrophy' where it can't be cure..the cerebrum (correct me if im wrong) was shrinking. it responsible for your moving and to speak..when its going to be worse your movement is slow and can't walk properly, you have to use wheelchair, and hardly to speak, u can't swallow food and lastly can cause fatal..

'Aya' wrote in his diary for everyday because thats the only evidence of her existence..

she didn't care if it brought trouble for herself but she didn…
these girls are a part of my classmates, they are so good and have good sense of humor, i love them indeed and can't imagine my life without them, i really hope, we would still keep in touch though after spm end..we have been through thin and thick, tears and laugh together, although there are some people who talking behind our backs, come on..its normal for every human on this Earth, we have our weakness..

and what special in ur class, we have a classmate who is from Kemboja, she is a good looking girl, devoted fan of korean dramas n she sit beside me in the class, well, we have so many things in common..that's what make we can get along together, she is wearing white sweater..

i love all of you..

losing my belongings..

2 days before hari raya, i lost my luggage..hmm..lets coonclude it as its basically because of my carelessness...can't forget that..

all of the things that have sentimental values, n my precious things and my books, man, i can't bear it anymore..

why i always cause trouble to everyone surrounding me?..why i can't make all the people happy?..why i always become the burden?..i didn't ask for this and i don't want this to happen..troublemaker..that's the most suitable nickname for me..

i don't want to write further about this thing..

Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies~


this time, its not a heavy-reading..a little bit fun..its about my favourite show in KBSW channel..its a global talk show, where the ladies from different countries sit and have chit chat about different and attractive topics and sometime a bit sensitive too, there is one topic about 'dog is allowed to be eaten, do you agree?'..huhuhu..if i was sitting there during the moment, i would shut my mouth..

its the show where you can open your mind and think further instead of seeing many other culture out there..

i remembered about a law, in Russia, if i am not mistaken..i have a short term memory you know..the law called 'carrot law', its called 'carrot' because in the country, the nerd students who isn't going out in night is called carrot. so in the law, it stated that people shouldn't go out from their house after 2 am, to avoid car accidents, you know, people usually go out to the parties and have fun, and lastly drunk..and drive their cars and h…

Oprah Winfrey Show... hormone bio-identical..

People enter this blogsphere to let out their confession and spreading news, now, I am reluctantly to agree with this new phenomenon I mean may be new in our country but no more in out there, I’ve just watched Oprah Winfrey Show, she is amazing and that is the only show me and my mom can sit together and share our opinions about the stories or new things.

Well, this time she exposed to me about hormone bio-identical, it is actually the synthetic or may be man made product by biochemical and is acting just like the hormone produced by our body. it sounds weird right, but one of the woman, she used Skype to talk with Oprah live from her home told, hormone bio-identical was just like a big dose of happiness, I saw how badly her condition when the doctor said she was having menopause and the amount of progesterone or any other hormone were in low amount in her body, I just realized that menopause has became a nightmare to the women, where they would having (I guess I will have this symptom…

lets moving one by one to the subjects i take...

hmm... when it comes to this topic i think for a while..
man,why i agreed to take 'sains tulen agama'..hehehe..originally it comes from me. i talked to myself, 'if i get all A's in PMR, then i dare to take it'...what attracted me indeed was 'sains tulen teknikal', but everyone was being anti-sains tulen agama, when a girl said she wanted to join it.
gender discriminism~

stop being so conservative~

It doesn't take longer time for me to realise 'spm is not the same with pmr', when my senior said about that, i asked 'whats the big deal, i mean..the comparison is only on the number of the subjects you only have to plus 2 with 9 (the number of subjects in pmr level)..then my seniors started to tell stories, it seemed like ghoststories (only to make the junior scare to be in upper form) ...when i was in form 4, i realised 'man im in new world'

the first one... ADDMATH!!!!
this is excruciating me at first..too many formulas...and total…

my movie marathon..

im waiting for my 2 mischievous brothers 2 sleep, can't stand hearing them screaming n making the house up and down..i only can study after the house turn out to be whats the normal house really be..

now lets move to another step, which i want 2 tell u guys bout my movie marathon which i did during this school holidays, i called it as my 'guilty pleasure day' i deserve a no-books day..its been 4 almost a week i didn't get enough sleep..its all because of the trial examination..i don't know why China was so crazy about examination (i got this from the history textbook, don't blame me). i mean all the countries follow the step right?...examination is the best!! yeah..right..its haunting me too..

well, let see..before that i want 2 tell u guys, the movies i meant are not from the latest which you currently see in cinema but they are only in tv..poor fact ha? but they are not so bad..
the first movie is 'The Rock', the first impression i got when seeing t…


well, blogging is getting popular nowadays, some people use this to express their feelings or spreading gossips, and sometime are using it just the same as they write in their diary. well, maybe this is the safe place to express myself, and having a space to jot down my experiences, tears and laugh and maybe the failures and the victory..all of them..well, this is much better than writing it down in my diary because not all the people respect our privacy. im not afraid of writing anything about myself because of course there is nothing special in this master of piece..its just about me..yeah,this is the best way...

well, im just a little girl, wearing spectacles, and going to sit for SPM soon, pray for my success. There are so many things i've been through and i would to say, its hard to walk the line,
~the phrase from renee witherspoon~but i will try my best because i know, whatever it is, i still have Him. The senior said, He would not give hard times to you if He kno…