one little of tears...

me n my friends have already watched the dramas..and it really meant 'one little of tears' friend shira bought a box of tissues and after it ended, it almost empty, all of my friends cried so badly, and though my friend 'ekin' was dare to say she would never cried, but for the few last episodes, she cried..(we watched all the episodes in one night)

it's an odyssey, based on the diary written by 'Aya' the patient from japan who suffered a disease 'spinaberellular distrophy' where it can't be cure..the cerebrum (correct me if im wrong) was shrinking. it responsible for your moving and to speak..when its going to be worse your movement is slow and can't walk properly, you have to use wheelchair, and hardly to speak, u can't swallow food and lastly can cause fatal..

'Aya' wrote in his diary for everyday because thats the only evidence of her existence..

she didn't care if it brought trouble for herself but she didn't want it to cause trouble for everyone around her..she was a bright girl and active in basketball, but it has changed drastically..her bad friends said 'Aya' was only a burden to everyone..and the school advised her to move to another school..

its normal for every ladies in this world to have feeling for guys..but for Aya, she was suffering to think of it, to dream for the things thats definitely not possible to become reality because of her disease..and she asked 'would i have chance to marry?'

and there was a night, she tried to call her mom but because of her slow movement, she couldn't dial the numbers normally (as fast as normal person do)..and the phonecard sliding out from the public phone before she could finished to dial..she wanted to be with her mom as she was scared to sleep, to counter with the next day where she was sure it's going to be worse..

and lastly, she died..and everyone is inspired by her diary..

its a good drama where you could motivate yourself...


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