a part of my life...

should i say this 'spm u dreaded little bastard.'? of course not, it is the platform where you can achieve your dream, what you really want to be in your life.. its like a stepping stone to you destiny, to make your dream comes true..

what if i say, i am not confident enough to sit for examination, i only get 6 As in examination trial, and i have C and damn! Biology is ruining my life.

last few days one of my senior sent me message promoting to go to Japan though he didn't know who i am..my cellphone number is included in his cellphone's memory..he wanted to save 'aaj' the place where those students are studying and learning. the number of students in 'aaj' is decreasing and perhaps it would be closed soon if the number continues to drop.

is it a sign? the sign that my dream would comes true? i don't know, and that's why i am not confident enough. Allah has stated 'He would not change the fate of His followers if they are not change it by themselves'...but the question is 'am i eligible and strong enough to determine my fate?'...to get the engineering course and studying in Japan is the only one my ambition...


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