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It's been months? Lama gila rasa tak tulis blog, dulu konon azam nak start writing. Konon la, konon.

So here I am, just graduated, just attended the convocation ceremony, adapting to a new place, soon to have my little family, my little bean insyaAllah will pop out this April and..... unemployed. The last one, hmmmm....

My very first intention when I get back from India is to stay and be there for my husband. Sebab dia baru start HO (housemanship), sebab life HO hectic, sebab boleh support suami, sediakan makan minum baju, sebab lepastu boleh bodek shopping. Eh

I thought being a housewife was an easy job. Duduk kat rumah je la tak payah kluar, kemas rumah, basuh baju, masak, cuci ni cuci tu. But I was totally WRONG! Jadi housewife BORING! You do the same house chores everyday. Cuma bezanya lauk tiap-tiap hari je kena fikir sikit. Few times I told myself, 'I'd never be a housewife', and I wonder macam mana housewives lain boleh survive. Til that one point, it is quite …