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Just let me be a better person without me judging anyone else.

that moment when you got that look. yup! that look. you know you were judged. you know there is something that people don't like in you. may be my refusal or  in any particular thing? I don't know. could be my personal life? i don't know. Really. May be because i troublesome other people. I don't know. But among of those reasons. there must be something. or may be one of them is true.

senyap. senyap. that's the key.

and doa. doa dalam hati. try to do your best. your best that could please other people.

well, may be that could be counted as an effort.

I am surrounded by people struggling to be a better person. Well, that's what people do. That is a part of life.  Sometimes, I choose to observe people, -action-, asking for opinions,  listen to what they say -words-. sometimes I eavesdropping. Ops. This is the truth, of which few people would argue or deny.
Dah buat kajian. dapat lah hasilnya.

Contradict to what our Prophet told us to do.

Why are you looking down…