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A traveller

I really want to write about this one topic that I don't even know what the title should be named at the first place and I dont event know how to start but I really need to write. 
Dalam movies, selalu kita tengok 'snap' scene (at least I call it as snap scene). Lebih kurang macam the turning point untuk watak utama tu nampak jelas apa yang dia tak nampak selama ni. Contohnya, dia rasa kawan tu baik dengan dia, but 'snap'! rupanya tikam dari belakang. 
It doesn't happen to everyone. Tapi untuk yang rasa, it is indeed a phase of growing up. Let me tell you something I have bad skill of judgement. 
The one who I thought was true love turned out he wasn't for me, (but alhamdulillah I met Choi)
The one I thought was a true friend turned out.....hmm is still a nice friend but not for me.
That 'turned out' part is what I called as snap scene. 
Every life event has its own impact in your life, Either you choose to be brave and face it or you can choose to…

Hello Again?

So hi? Hmm..probably no one will be reading this.

It's been 3 years since my last post when I decided to stay silent. Well, here I am again, almost a doctor and has changed status from single to married (yeay!) happily being Choi's lady.

There is one month left before PRO exam, our final exam as medical student.  6 years guys, 6 years! Orang kahwin pun dah boleh dapat anak dua orang. Sementara semua orang tengah berhempas pulas nak final exam, I got admitted into the ward due to acute gastritis. Orang melayu panggil 'gastrik'. I refused to get admitted but man, that 2 injections of Pethidine (painkiller) did not work on me. Tersadai la aku kat ward 3 hari. Total disconnected from the world when I supposed to be on Emergency posting.

Time passed,

3 hari tak buat tutorial
3 hari tak datang clinical
3 hari tak buat study group
3 hari tak study. Gila

Dunia yang semua benda nak kena rushing stop kejap. I felt sad though, sebab 'kena-admit-hospital' tak termasuk dal…