nur kasih & syurga cinta

those 2 stories are damn powerful love stories and awesome..they teach me the real meaning of true love...and they remind me of my first love...naaah..let put him aside..haha!!

'Nur Kasih', the hero is gorgeous and nur is full courteous and a lovely lady, i would not have the strength if i were strong you know, how could she stand with those obstacles?...and the key is she still holding her belief in Allah..

while 'Syuga Cinta', man i can't retain myself from bursting into big laughing..the little kid is so cute and notorious! he is just like my lil bro..though sometime i deadly want to kill him..

would everyone get the chance to get the 'true love'? i mean, the love that based on the right way, that has stated by Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w? to be frank i want to feel it..well, of course, every lady wants it too..but it depends on us right?

Allah has stated, 'the good lady is only for a good guy? am i a good lady? could i be as strong as Siti Khadijah? and others 'Muslimah', their names would not be forgotten, and all of their stories could be the best 'teachers' in guiding us to be the greatest muslimah...


Li Lian said…
I like this post hana. those two are movies ? I wanna watch it too..

btw, yes, of course all Muslimah wants to experience true love as the one stated by Allah.

and I'm also wondering if I'm a good perempuan. hopefully. hehe

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