Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies~


this time, its not a heavy-reading..a little bit fun..its about my favourite show in KBSW channel..its a global talk show, where the ladies from different countries sit and have chit chat about different and attractive topics and sometime a bit sensitive too, there is one topic about 'dog is allowed to be eaten, do you agree?'..huhuhu..if i was sitting there during the moment, i would shut my mouth..

its the show where you can open your mind and think further instead of seeing many other culture out there..

i remembered about a law, in Russia, if i am not mistaken..i have a short term memory you know..the law called 'carrot law', its called 'carrot' because in the country, the nerd students who isn't going out in night is called carrot. so in the law, it stated that people shouldn't go out from their house after 2 am, to avoid car accidents, you know, people usually go out to the parties and have fun, and lastly drunk..and drive their cars and have high potential to get accident..

and the law that making me laugh like crazy is, the pregnant women can pee everywhere, and they can ask for the policeman's cap to pee..interesting~

hahaha!!, enjoy the show!


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