Oprah Winfrey Show... hormone bio-identical..

People enter this blogsphere to let out their confession and spreading news, now, I am reluctantly to agree with this new phenomenon I mean may be new in our country but no more in out there, I’ve just watched Oprah Winfrey Show, she is amazing and that is the only show me and my mom can sit together and share our opinions about the stories or new things.

Well, this time she exposed to me about hormone bio-identical, it is actually the synthetic or may be man made product by biochemical and is acting just like the hormone produced by our body. it sounds weird right, but one of the woman, she used Skype to talk with Oprah live from her home told, hormone bio-identical was just like a big dose of happiness, I saw how badly her condition when the doctor said she was having menopause and the amount of progesterone or any other hormone were in low amount in her body, I just realized that menopause has became a nightmare to the women, where they would having (I guess I will have this symptoms too) mood-swing, I mean its really bad, they get tired easily, insufficient sleep, the changes in body figure and weight gain. I saw they are suffering and a few of them can’t stand with the situation anymore..

But this actress who is not popular to me, she is 62 years old and she is taking hormone bio-identical, and she looked fabulous, I thought she was 35 or something. I dare to say ‘NO’ after looking at her routine for everyday. The biggest fact is she is taking 60 pills for everyday. And I saw she arranged them nicely in a row.. it looked like a necklace..nice~ with different colours~

Not only that, she is taking different creams I mean because of varies purposes, to get oestrogen –am I spelling it correctly?-, progesterone and all... they are necessary to balance the amount of hormone in her body, she said ‘when you get menopause, its just like on the see-saw, the part which going down is the part of giving you happiness, progesterone~..(and she mentioned all the hormone)..and the part that going up is containing high insulin, ‘kortil’-I spell it in malay- and all..the high insulin would make you get weight gain, and the ‘kortil’ would make you difficult to get enough sleep’.. she is brilliant~

One of the doctor, Dr. Streichen, said the term of ‘bio-identical’ was not present in any medical book, its only the term made by compounding pharmacy and she told all of us that the hormone bio-identical made in compounding pharmacies was not getting any permission from FDA.. I looked how easily they made the products, seriously..

I saw the changes happen to a woman who has been taken them for 9 days, wow, she really look different, seriously..and look younger too.. but please be alert, its not that they are crazy to look younger, its just that they are suffering, they lose their happiness because of the side effects of menopause. So I have a question here, does it allowed in our religion?, does it means you are going against fate, I mean we are supposed to accept the fact that menopause is a part of our life? But what about the purpose, they take the hormone bio-identical just to get their normal life back, so what do you think?


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