my movie marathon..

im waiting for my 2 mischievous brothers 2 sleep, can't stand hearing them screaming n making the house up and down..i only can study after the house turn out to be whats the normal house really be..

now lets move to another step, which i want 2 tell u guys bout my movie marathon which i did during this school holidays, i called it as my 'guilty pleasure day' i deserve a no-books day..its been 4 almost a week i didn't get enough sleep..its all because of the trial examination..i don't know why China was so crazy about examination (i got this from the history textbook, don't blame me). i mean all the countries follow the step right?...examination is the best!! yeah..right..its haunting me too..

well, let see..before that i want 2 tell u guys, the movies i meant are not from the latest which you currently see in cinema but they are only in tv..poor fact ha? but they are not so bad..
the first movie is 'The Rock', the first impression i got when seeing the title was 'is there the WWE smackdown star, i mean with the eyebrow trademark and big body..if im not mistaken his name is the rock'..but don't easily jump to conclusion..its not..what i've expected..this movie is outstanding..

here is the synopsis.. there was a secret chemical weapon from FBI and a cunning federal prisoner who i dare to say, his age could be the same with your grandpa.. the climax which they have to get into the place, im not sure bout the name, Alcatraz i guess..gambling their lifes only to save all of the citizen in the city..~touching part~..n there was a part when they were shooting and fighting with the enemies (they used to become the armies, but turn out to be enemies when they captures the people and made them as their baits, then launching the rockets to get the money)..but one of them, and he was the leader, he was not as bad as the rest, he changed the coordinate of one of the rocket when it was launched because he didn't want 2 kill them (now this is what we call the real army with true heart) applause~..

the secret chemical weapon was ordered to snatch the chips in the rockets so, they wouldn't be launched. we could see how expert he was while he explaining the bad effect if the crystals arranged in the rockets broken..i could see cikgu fakhar in his was all about chemistry..


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