lets moving one by one to the subjects i take...

hmm... when it comes to this topic i think for a while..
man,why i agreed to take 'sains tulen agama'..hehehe..originally it comes from me. i talked to myself, 'if i get all A's in PMR, then i dare to take it'...what attracted me indeed was 'sains tulen teknikal', but everyone was being anti-sains tulen agama, when a girl said she wanted to join it.
gender discriminism~

stop being so conservative~

It doesn't take longer time for me to realise 'spm is not the same with pmr', when my senior said about that, i asked 'whats the big deal, i mean..the comparison is only on the number of the subjects you take..you only have to plus 2 with 9 (the number of subjects in pmr level)..then my seniors started to tell stories, it seemed like ghoststories (only to make the junior scare to be in upper form) ...when i was in form 4, i realised 'man im in new world'

the first one... ADDMATH!!!!
this is excruciating me at first..too many formulas...and totally different from math in lower form..there were times where i failed in this subject..

i was not interested in this at first..i was like in boredom during the classes...and the teacher..he is too strict..unpredictable as well..but it's growing better in form 5..not so much principles..and i like electromagnetism, electronic, waves and so on..and actually, imagination is necessary while you are learning it..its so much fun...and the image of ogre disappear from my teacher..

i think the factor why i could get along with this when i am in form 5 is because of the teacher.. he is so much fun..by the way, i don't need to do notes as he provides them to us..but still, i don't get high score..poor me~

i am the one who started to call it as 'Biol' not 'Bio' , hopefully my teacher has no idea bout this..
it is an interesting subject to read, seriously...but when it comes to do the questions..huhuhuhu...
white flag in the air~ surrender~ damn tough...
plus there are too many facts..

comment on behalf of the electives subjects....done!

to be continued~


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