lets melalak!!!

kebelakangan ni, active dlm bidang jenayah...hehehe...tetapi..ak jumpa yg 1 kepala...AUNI !! my roommate, bcoz we r the devoted fans of celine dion!!! yay!! bkn senang nk jmpa fans celine dion yg sama umur ngan ak...
yippie!! suka celine dion since i was a little girl..so, anis n ika trpaksa la pedihkn telinga dgr kteorg melalak nyanyi lg celine..n both of us love Charice..wink2

and setelah sekian lama ak tinggalkan sitkom 'Kopitiam'..*wink2.. ske giler tgk citer ni mse kecik2..sbb best...lg die pn best..teringat lg ni lps baca citer 'Tunas'...suka2!!!

its all bout friendship!!

*lets sing!! chorus dy best~

'Cause I don't wanna be alone... (uh oh)
Living life for on my own (uh oh)
I don't want to live my life in isolation
Filled with empty decorations
'Cause I want to be with people that I know

Who would do the things I do (uh oh)
Making all my dreams come true (uh oh)
I don't recognize the shadows at my door
Though I've seen them all before
Because the only thing I really want...
Is to be with you...

dedicated to all my frens~


Anonymous said…
best gile lagu tue!!!
mcm pnh dngr!!
tp mmg best..

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