i hate 2 write bout dis in my blog....its complicated....its confusing.....n sometimes i dunno wat exactly i want 2 say....=P....poyo~~

*a walk to remember
* traffic light-ice cream
*teh lipton
* le gardenie-comic
*the songs
*the star
*the jacket
*the cookies
*the messages in friendster
*the letters
*myungwoo n kyunjin
*ur advises

'it wouldnt be the same'....yes! but the truth is I cant move on...i can't lie....let me move on!!!!


... said…
hmm.. I so know what this list is !!

what about the hello kitty cute little sculpture/doll ??

why not in the list?? =(
Nurfarhana said…
nasib baik kak liana memahami...fuh~

ooo..dat one, hana x msukkn dlm list, sbb kak liana special skit brbanding 'dia'...u r my dearest sis la~~ kak liana jgn terasa plak..
... said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
... said…
mestilah akak faham :D

tp actually that one was a gift untuk 'dia' masa akak balik dr jepun.(btw, time tu akak x rapat ngan hana lg sbb tu x beli pape tuk enti^^) cuma lepas tu dia kata nak bg kat hana sbb hana sgt special to him and he thinks it's so cute for enti!! so akak pun kata, "OK ! NO PROBLEMO!! ;)"

so, it's considered hadiah dia buat hana.. heheh :P

love fillah!!

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